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The Biggest Server Trash In The Mortal Kombat Community As Voted For By You Is... MKF30  (Cast your vote)
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Personal Details

Name - ?

Another one of the clone morons who sits on TYM manifesting his shitty personality at everyone. Pretty much every reply from this guy is rude, ignorant, unhelpful or infantile.

His behaviour and immaturity could be attributed to his young age but sadly the Internet has shown us that young douchebags usually grow up to be old douchebags. Personality and worth as a human being is not something that usually changes with age.

People like Ryx are the reason TYM has its GameFAQs reputation. This is probably why he keeps getting banned from there but for some reason they keep letting him back.

Server Trash Highlights of RYX

  • Only purpose in life seems to be to help keep the level of TYM posts as low as possible
  • Has no reputation as a good player online or off
  • Banned from TYM more than once
  • Is actually a lot less knowledgeable about Bane than he thinks he is


RYX has contacted the owners of this site to acknowledge that this profile is accurate and has pledged to amend his behaviour in the future. This kind of courageous behaviour is commendable and it is a shame that some of the more notorious server trash continue to make excuses for their behaviour instead of having the guts to own up to it like RYX.

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06:00 Wednesday, July 03 2013
by A-Hole

Don't forget that people like RYX add to the increasing number of bronies on TYM. Gotta love it.

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