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Other past and present tags include

AlphaTrax, EMPEROR-TRAX, Ownage Hack, GTrax, D4TRAX, Trax

Personal Details

Name - Luke Babarinde

Trax the idiot

DarkTrax is without doubt one of the most sick-minded people in the Mortal Kombat community. He is certainly one of the people most responsible for tearing apart the community.

Trax began life posting on the MKO Xbox forum although as he was living in the UK at the time, he was not part of the NTSC Xbox community. At that time, MKD was on original Xbox and restricted by region.

When MKAC opened Trax started posting there. He quickly got a reputation as an interfering jerk who spent all his time telling people how to play and how to post. He spent a lot of his time attacking JTF who had videoed every member of the PAL server's scrubbiest clan, the DA clan, cheating or pulling etc. and uploaded the videos to YouTube.

Trax had joined the PAL Playstation server and also joined this scrubby clan and he couldn't bear to see his fellow clan members constantly exposed as the cheating, whining, scrubby little turds everyone knew them to be. He was constantly warned for his behaviour on the boards but rules there were fairly lax so Trax was not banned for his constant flaming and mindless attacks.

One day he started multiple threads and did multiple posts in various other threads all spamming the same crap and even after being told to stop he carried on. So some of the duplicate posts were removed and others merged together in one thread. Reasonable as this was, Trax got hysterical and started attacking the site admin. In fact he sent the admin a PM saying he was going to hack the site and take it down! All because he was told to stop spamming and show some respect for the site rules. The message can be seen below.

Trax the psycho

As a result of this, Trax was permanently banned from the site. Now, sending an admin of a site a PM telling him you're going to hack his site and take it down because you were told to stop spamming is bad enough. Trax however, went onto MKO and posted his PM and complained to everyone that he had been banned! He really truly couldn't understand that if you do things like threaten to hack a site and bring it down because they tell you to stop flaming, you aren't going to be allowed to stay on the site.

Luckily for the MKACAdmin and the users of MKAC, Trax was not able to go through with his threat to hack the site and bring it down.

The fact that Trax had been arguing with JTF (plus the fact Trax is mentally deranged) got Trax believing that actually it had been JTF who had banned him. He started spreading the rumour that JTF and the MKACAdmin were the same person and became bitter and obsessed with JTF from that moment on.

JTF and the MKACAdmin only lived a short distance from Trax and they offered to both meet up with him to show they were different people but Trax declined. He knew what he was saying was nonsense - he's just a typical Internet sicko who gets hysterical when people don't do what he wants on the Internet so he makes up lies to try and get back at them. In this way he is very similar to someone like Sans Power, MKF30 or MoRpH.

The rest of the MK community already knew that Trax was a lunatic because he behaved in a similar way on MKO, albeit in a toned down fashion. The graphic below gives you some idea of how the rest of the community viewed Trax.

Trax the douchebag

People got very fed up of Trax very quickly because he spent all his life telling everyone else how to think and what to do. He couldn't bear the fact the whole world didn't behave as he wanted.

When Trax got himself banned from MKAC, he became very bitter and vengeful and obsessive, as of course his type always does. He set about spreading his rumours and trying to discredit the site.

Trax was left on MKO along with the self exiled MKF30 who had been flamed off MKAC for being his normal cowardly, full-of-shit self and together with Maverick, the 3 biggest losers in the MK community spent their time alone on MKO while everyone else enjoyed a good MK site.

Trax would continue his bitter, resentful lies and conspiracy theories even when MKAC closed down and everyone moved to MKC - obsessing about JTF became his life, although no one really paid him much attention.

Trax would also show his total lack of class by mocking the MKACAdmin's cancer - something you have to be a real shit to do.

When MKC was closed down and everyone moved to the clone site MKU, Trax eventually became admin there. Here he showed the hypocritical punk mentality so closely associated with the MKO Xbox Community.

Throughout Trax's life, wherever he had posted before, he would write long posts criticising the mods of other sites when they banned or muted other people for not shutting up or when they broke site rules. As described above, Trax himself got hysterical and threatened to bring a site down when he wasn't allowed to flame and spam and show disrespect.

Yet when Trax himself became admin of a site he was quick to ban or mute anyone who didn't do as he said - once again showing the breath-taking hypocritical punk mentality of the MKO Xbox Community. They want to be the ones in control, tell everyone what to do, have power over everyone, always get the last word and so on. But they get hysterical when they have to follow rules on other people's sites and do as they are told.

Trax has a history of stalking female posters, demanding they send him pictures and give him their real details to 'prove' who they are. Of course they don't like this and many left MKU rather than be hassled like this. Trax and the other redneck trash who managed MKU were told in no uncertain terms by the community not to behave like this in future.

When one day a new female member joined MKU and casual mention was made of what had gone before, Trax immediately banned the member who brought it up, silencing him because Trax didn't want it made public what he and the others had done previously.

Trax has spent his whole life ranting about corrupt, power hungry mods on sites who don't allow freedom of speech. Whenever one of his MKO Xbox Community friends had been rightly banned or muted after many warnings for their constant rule breaking, you could be sure Trax would write long posts on MKO condemning it.

Yet as soon as he himself got any power, Trax did exactly what he accused every other mod of doing. And unlike those mods who were just upholding site rules, Trax showed himself to be the true power abusing, corrupt little man who tries to silence anyone who tells the truth about him.

Trax is like a corrupt politician who tries to portray himself as decent and just but in reality is a lying, power-hungry, 2 faced control freak.

Trax is totally obsessed with forcing people to give their real identities on the Internet. Not just women but everyone. This mentality is disgusting as people are entitled to their privacy online. But MKU, under Trax, became a place where if you didn't provide all the personal details Trax and his cronies wanted, you were hounded and called a fake.

It is behaviour like this which drives people, especially females, away from gaming sites.

Trax is a hypocrite on so many levels. Back on MKC, JTF did a funny video of the most hated man in the community, MKF30 who everyone was totally sick of. Trax responded on MKO by making some long bullshit post about how wrong this was (and he was shot down by everyone else in the community).

But on MKO, when one of the nastiest members of the 2D community, Sans Power, made one of his stupid stalking videos of Shock, then Trax found it hilarious.

Trax the hypocrite

Trax showed his outright support for stalkers of the worst kind when 2 of the nastiest server trash in the community - MR IGOTBASS and the aforementioned Sans Power were allowed to stay on the site and behave as they wished.

Showing Trax's hypocrisy, they took other people's pictures and had them in their profiles, yet he did nothing. Utter hypocrisy considering Trax's so-called hatred of that behaviour when females did it because they weren't comfortable putting their own pictures up.

Even when MR IGOTBASS and Sans Power started faking PM conversations to make people look racist and they made up videos of people and altered their pictures in a 'funny way', Trax just laughed.

Yet you can be sure that if JTF or some other decent person puts up a mocking video of one of the community's scrubs, Trax will speak out about how disgusting it is - again proving Trax's total hypocrisy.

Probably the best example of Trax's delusional hypocrisy is this example. Remember, Trax has spent his whole life trying to force people to play the game the way he wants. He couldn't bear the fact JTF put up videos of his scrub clan mates pulling as he didn't think people should do that, he spent years on MKO trying to tell everyone else how to play the game, it's what he was most famous for being annoying about - being an intolerant fanatic who can't bear the fact everyone else doesn't do what he wants.

So in writing what he did in this graphic, we see again the amazing hypocrisy of those from the MKO Xbox Community who preach one thing yet do the opposite their whole lives.

Trax is a network security consultant for a living. He is supposedly an expert in network safety - preventing unwanted access and attacks etc. The irony of this would become apparent when MKU suffered a number of attacks that its 'network security expert' utterly failed to prevent.

During Trax's reign as admin, MKU was hacked several times, had its domain stolen, had data accessed and deleted and every member's PM box was violated.

Some security expert - maybe MKU runs an affirmative action scheme and Trax was the only black available...

Trax's attempt to frame Pig Of The Hut

One of the hackings on MKU was not as it appeared. One of the MKU 'hackings' was carried out by Trax himself in an attempt to frame another community member - Pig Of The Hut.

This incident highlights Trax's nasty and vengeful mentality. At the time, Pig Of The Hut was a mod on MKU but was out of favour with Trax and Gerchap.

The following PM exchange took place on MKU between Gerchap and Trax about Pig.


what should we do with Pig?

he goes MIA and when we say something about TYM he replies right away that means he reads the staff forum all the time but he doesnt bother to answer or give his opinion, but when something is said about tym he goes and replies

Let's just get rid of him brother

I heard from Mace he was going to resign like yesterday, let's wait for that as soon as we h ave that resignation, we say "OK THANK YOU" and we take his powers away and lets give him a TC status not tournament guy or shit like that, We ain't baby sitters or parents in here we wont find a group he can fit in (we were trying to do that) if he is a pain and egocentric shit he can go suck a buffalo's dick

as you know we moving forward as a team and he's been on the other page for so long, his assistance in that tournament was for self promotion or recognition so that shit aint cool in my book, he can be as good as he is but being like that, aint helping. He is another Tom Brady we dont know what to expect from him. He doesnt like me and dont know the reason lol

let's be real he spends more time in TYM so he is not helping here lets give that spot to someone who is willing to help.

Lets introduce Solo and Infusion asap so we have to more heads in the staff.

What do you think giving the media guys access to the staff forum? more heads could give more opinions Tyler is a machine he might have more potential brother and lets use it at his full

another question, When do we have to make the payment? did you use paypal last month? let me know brother, we have right the ammount to do so

Just in case i think i changed the log in password it was needed Pass: negrito88 lol i dont even know why I put 88 in there haha

Trax's reply

Let me just start this by saying "FUCK BRANT/PIG!!"... Oh yeah! That's out of the way!

Fuck that dude, Gerchap. He shows no fucking respect and he is a little punk! I told Mace exactly what you said when he posted that shit about TYM have nice layout. I was fucking cursing when I read that shit. If this was real business, I would fire his fucking ass on the spot. Sorry for swearing, but this dude actually pisses me the fuck off. He needs to resign already because he is completely useless to us. We can do better without him.

Gerchap's reply

agree lets get rid of him

Feel free to check with Gerchap that this conversation did take place.

Pig however did not resign and Trax felt he needed to be punished for his 'disrespectful attitude'.

Trax therefore logged on as Pig and deleted a load of posts and threads from the site. The graphic below shows Trax logging in as Pig (and a couple of other users):

Trax's intention was simply to make Pig look bad and get him made a pariah in the community. He intended to restore MKU from a backup so no posts would be lost, but due to his incompetence and general cluelessness, he messed up, didn't save the site properly, couldn't restore it properly and a load of posts were lost.

Sadly for Trax, the MK community really didn't believe that Pig could be capable of something like hacking a site and they believed him when he said his account had been hacked. Sadly for the MK community, they didn't realise it was Trax who 'hacked' his account.

There is no evidence that Gerchap had anything to do with the whole sorry incident. He just wanted Pig off his moderating team.

All this shows is that Trax is a very dangerous and nasty person. He knows how to make a lie look good by mixing in a bit of truth. He may not be the master hacker he thinks he is but he knows enough to fool the likes of Gerchap or Bobby Blaze.

When MKU got hacked for real and PMs were exposed, Trax made up some obviously fake ones to make people think the real ones were fake too.

There are some people on this site who have a shitty personality and a scrubby mentality but who are harmless aside from that. Trax is one of the few people who is genuinely dangerous to the community and should not be allowed on any MK site as a user, let alone a mod or admin.

As a player, Trax is very average. He is not known to cheat or pull etc (under his known IDs at least) but he has a scrub mentality and bitches and whines if people don't play the way he likes or if they use top tier characters and spam their broken moves. Beating him 10-0 in a series is not uncommon.

Trax is also no better at financial dealings than he is at playing video games. When the PS3 was released in the UK, Trax spent all his savings and bought up quite a few of them. He believed that the stores would sell out of them very quickly and he could then sell all his machines for a massive profit on eBay. Sadly for Trax, when the PS3 was first released in the UK, it was an over-priced, over-hyped console with hardly any games and very few people actually bought one then. Thus Trax was stuck with his machines and eventually had to sell them all on eBay for a massive loss.

His picture above should tell you that Trax isn't the sharpest tool in the box. Who else would take a picture of themselves next to a giant sign that says 'Coq' then post it in a video game forum where he knows there are lots of people who don't like him?

Loser by name, loser by nature, that's Trax. The guy has spent his life trying to tear apart the MK community for his own selfish need for 'revenge'. No one has done more to get sites closed, pull the MK community apart and spread hate and lies than this moron. The reason this site exists is in no small part due to Trax.

If you look at his other IDs above - AlphaTrax, Ownage Hack etc you can see that he imagines himself to be some dominant alpha-male type. When in fact he is just a snivelling little punk piece of server trash who could never bear the fact he he had to follow rules and do what he was told by staff on other sites. Just a typical alpha-nerd wannabe with no power or worth in his real life so he has to try and be an Internet tough guy to compensate.

Although he spends his life supporting and encouraging the filth of the MK world to be as hateful to other people as possible and although he himself spends all his life attacking, insulting and besmirching people, he gets hysterical if anyone says anything (factually) negative about him.

Trax is in that top category of the very worst the Internet has to offer. Not only can he not bear the fact people don't do as he wants, not only does he lie and obsess about people for years but he creates whole fantasies and talks darkly of plots and schemes that make no sense.

He will lie and fake documents to make someone look bad and obsess over individuals for years. All to satisfy and justify his personal lust for revenge.

No one has ever harmed Trax or done him any wrong in any way - he has only ever been offered the gift of websites to post on which, if he didn't like, he simply didn't have to go to.

But that's the behaviour of a reasonable person, something that Trax most definitely is not.

Trax is a grade 1 example of the type of scum who makes Xbox servers the world over famous for their low quality human beings. He is a sick-minded, bitter, obsessive, vengeful, power-hungry, little man.

Trax has spent his life in the community embracing and supporting the very worst people the community has to offer. People like Maverick3176, Mr Igotbass, Sans Power, MKF30, the scummiest of the MKO Xbox Community, the DA Clan - all the very worst people the MK community has to offer.

Server Trash Highlights of DarkTrax

  • Devoted his life to trying to tear apart the MK community
  • Scrub mentality
  • Makes up lies and plots and schemes and goes round spreading them as truth
  • Weak player no good at any MK game
  • Makes fun of people having cancer
  • Threatens to hack sites and take them down if he gets warned or banned for his punk behaviour yet himself bans people for less than he does
  • Framed another community member he didn't like for hacking a website
  • Spends all his time telling other people how to post and how to play

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about DarkTrax you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Feel free to tell a story about this person which highlights their server trash mentality. Or if you like, post a link to a video of you beating them at an MK game. Or just tell us what you think of them.

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Comments about DarkTrax

20:12 Monday, November 18 2013
by LOLdarktrax

wow. so i guess i know why he gets so butthurt when people threaten to hold mku accountable for its misdeeds..this foo's a hypocrite and been threatening sites his damn self

10:58 Friday, July 26 2013
by Lister

I remember when Trax vowed to hack MKAC and take it offline. Best day ever when he left the PAL server and went back to the US one.

21:06 Monday, July 01 2013
by LordRaiden

lol i remember when trax threatened to hack MKAC and take it down

22:41 Sunday, June 30 2013
by Beaner

always knew trax was shady

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