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Other past and present tags include

AugustAPC, augustapcable

Personal Details

Name - Austin Gustafson


A boring and obnoxious keyboard warrior from MKO, LucaTurilli has never contributed anything of worth to the greater Mortal Kombat community.

He spends most of his time sitting on MKO, espousing ignorant and ill-informed opinions, trying to get the last word when anyone points out what an idiot he is.

He has no reputation as a player and there is no evidence he has ever contributed anything of substance to the MK community at all. His only achievement is in managing to stand out on a board of unpleasant and low-worth posters in such a way as to make them seem not so bad compared to him.

His behaviour has caused him to be temporarily banned from MKO in the past.

He also has several YouTube channels he uses to rate himself up with.

Server Trash Highlights of LucaTurilli

  • Ignorant keyboard warrior idiot who can't bear the fact he can't get the last word

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