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Other past and present tags include

Lady_Goldfish, STB Goldfish, Goldfishkeeper, Lola_Goldfish

Personal Details

Name - April

An individual of little worthwhile influence within the community, Goldfish still manages to make her presence felt as mod on the odious NRS fanboy site TYM.

A much recognised stereotype within the gaming community, this self-proclaimed feminist abuses her mod powers to threaten anyone who posts anything she deems offensive to women, such as a harmless animated gif.

Goldfish's finest moment came when she did a big thread on TYM advising any female posters not to feel obligated to divulge personal information and warning against sexual harassment of female posters.

Nothing wrong with that and in fact this very site speaks out against this behaviour on sites like MKU (and to a lesser extent TYM and others).

Unfortunately, Goldfish would soon go on to illustrate her man-hating mindset in the thread. When some guy in the thread points out that women, like anyone else, are expected to give a simple, polite 'thank you' or equivalent if someone gives their time and helps them with something, Goldfish decrees that women shouldn't ever have to show any gratitude for anything done for them and defends women being an ass towards men.

This is nonsense of course - women don't get a free pass to be rude and discourteous to anyone just because they are female.

She then goes on to dismiss undeserving sections of the community as 'beta males' all the while displaying the feminist victim mentality that anyone who points out her shitty behaviour is somehow persecuting her and 'anti-women'.

Anyone who has spent time on a video game message board in recent years would recognise a Goldfish. The glut of militant feminists, homosexuals, transgender people and other minorities on these boards who spend their time attacking straight while males while illustrating their own bigoted, narrow-minded agenda is a well known modern phenomenon.

Replacing one form of unpleasant behaviour with another isn't productive. While stopping bullying and persecution of individuals is of course a good thing, attacking and threatening people for posting mild pictures or banter which don't satisfy an extremist agenda is not. Neither is seeking to find sexism (or racism or homophobia) in places where they don't exist.

It's ironic that Goldfish should spend so much of her time writing that female gamers should be treated as equals for their gaming prowess and not as objects of lust by horny young men when the only reason she is mod at TYM is because she likes to cosplay at offline meets and has a fondness for donning cheap looking Jade outfits which show off half her tits.

She doesn't actually contribute anything of worth to TYM from a gaming point of view and has no reputation as a player. She doesn't write character guides to help people or place high at tournaments or even post the latest news.

She just posts photos of herself in cosplay outfits. Nothing wrong with that of course but there's no point pretending that anyone else in the community would have the slightest interest in her if she were a man.

It's also worth noting that one of her staunchest supporters on the site, Tim Static had a reputation for hassling female posters to give him their personal details and photos back when he was a mod on MKU.

In fact, most of the well known mods on TYM are repulsive, creepy and suited to the 'beta-male' stereotype she professes to hate so much, but like most women in a similar situation, she seems to be under the illusion that she is wanted for her brains and personality when in fact they are all just thrilled to have an actual woman on the team.

People like Goldfish are as bad for gaming websites as the trolls and keyboard warriors and for the betterment of the MK community, she would be better off posting somewhere like Kotaku or NeoGAF where she can be with her own kind.

What makes Goldfish really obnoxious though is the hypocrisy of her feminist stance. She likes to rant that women are not sex objects and men should not look at them in such a way. This would probably sound better coming from someone who isn't a pole dancer for a living. Yes, she makes her living as a sex object, gyrating her body around a pole in minimal clothing in front of drunken, leering men. For those who don't know what a pole dancer is, it's one of these. Who sometimes do things like this...

This site does not presume to pass judgement on what people do for a living and there is nothing inherently wrong with working in the 'exotic dancing' industry.

But you really have no moral high ground to lecture and rant at people on gaming message boards about the evils of lusting after young women when you make your living from men doing precisely that.

Of course one can make the argument that what one does in a strip club is one thing and what one does in the MK community is another. Viewing her as a woman of loose morals just because she likes to cosplay in flimsy Jade outfits is perhaps unfair.

Sadly for Ms. Goldfish, her reputation in the MK community has nothing to do with her revealing MK themed outfits, as the comment about her below illustrates.

This is just one of many comments received about this young lady and they are all along the same lines.

Again, this site does not presume to pass judgement on the behaviour of young people enjoying themselves in time honoured tradition. There is nothing necessarily wrong with casual sex at tournaments (provided suitable precautions are taken).

The point being made here is that Goldfish is a gigantic hypocrite. You can't seriously attack people in the community with feminist bile when you have a reputation as a 'community groupie'. Her radical feminist act on TYM is simply a sham.

Server Trash Highlights of Goldfish

  • Pseudo feminist who uses her position as mod to threaten anyone who offends her sense of womanhood
  • Never achieved anything as a player
  • Shows up to tournaments in Jade outfits which look like they were made by MKF30
  • Gigantic hypocrite
  • Has a reputation in the community that has nothing to do with her game playing

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Goldfish you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about Goldfish

13:43 Wednesday, September 25 2013
by NeckolasBone

On Tom Brady's old channel (the one he had BEFORE he made a new one, and deleted as well) Hes quoted saying "this girl may be the one, so leave her alone about me".........I really used to like this dude lol.

17:09 Monday, July 01 2013
by cloudst

I wonder how many "MK community" players have tapped her ass during tournaments.

18:11 Sunday, June 30 2013
by masterTron

'better off posting somewhere like Kotaku or NeoGAF' haha so true

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