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Other past and present tags include

Jade, LadyHotrod, XxJadexX, @CM_Punkette

Personal Details

Name - Jade Janyk

TRMK's worst mod

This individual is best known as Jade on the MK fan-site Her Xbox / PSN tag is MeBetterThanYou and that is used to refer to her here as the MK world is full of many different Jades.

This individual is one of the most unpleasant, obnoxious and repulsive human beings in the entire MK community. The best way to describe her is as a female Maverick.

On TRMK, she is known both as a keyboard warrior idiot who cannot bear the fact she can't get the last word and as someone who is poorly educated in Mortal Kombat games and fighting games in general.

However, she is muzzled to a certain extent on that site and it is on other sites around the Internet that we get a better insight into her mentality and personality.

She is a big wrestling fan and has posted on many wrestling sites. One of the best examples of her shitty personality is on a wrestling forum now know as Here she used to post under the name LadyHotrod. (She's also posted on under this same name.)

On this site she was known as one of the biggest pieces of flaming, trolling scum the Internet has to offer. She would spend her whole time deliberately attacking people and insulting them because, according to her, she got a kick out of it. (In fact, like most of her kind, she can't bear the fact she can't get the last word and she feels beaten and dominated when she does so she has to obsessively reply and attack anyone who speaks to her.)

Literally, she is as bad, if not worse than Maverick in this respect.

Reading the threads below will give you an idea of what she is like as a person:

For the people who can't be bothered to read the threads, here are a few additional screen-shots.

Like all her kind, she abuses her power as mod on any site she is on to get the last word or ban people she doesn't like. The web is full of this odious creep's posts and this page could be 10 times in size detailing all the unpleasant things she has said or done.

Most of the sites she posts on have banned her:

(Banned from

Jade Janyk is almost a 30 year old woman and she spends her life on the Internet looking to have flaming matches with 14 year old boys. This person is so objectively pathetic, it hurts just to find out people like her exist.

She likes to think she's good at 'flaming', (what kind of loser thinks that's an achievement)? In fact she loses pretty much every argument she has because he usually has no facts and can't do anything but rant incoherently the same puerile copy and paste insults.

From a playing point of view, there really isn't much to say about this person. She has never achieved anything at any MK game and probably never will. Like most obnoxious, unpleasant females on the Internet, she has only ever made mod or admin on a site due to her sex and her boss being an overweight nerd thrilled to have a female on his team.

Another recognisable trait for her kind is that whenever any guy stands up to her and gives her a dose of her own medicine, she pathetically reverts to painting herself as a helpless woman and attacks him for being mean to a female. Usual snivelling cowardice for someone known all over the web as a pathetic e-Thug wannabe.

Even her gamer tag MeBetterThanYou gives you some idea of her arrogant superiority complex, which might be OK if she had anything to back it up, but as mentioned above, she's never actually achieved anything at any MK game (or anything else for that matter). She talks down to others, mocks their education and intelligence and belittles everyone as being beneath her. You'd think someone like that would at least have a high powered job, but no - she can only manage unskilled jobs like menial order picker and inventory clerk, something that requires no brains and no education.

There is no doubt that the way she speaks to people, she would have been banned a long time ago had she been just a user on TRMK instead of a mod.

One can only assume that TRMK's owner, Patrick McCarron was so excited at getting a female for a mod that he overlooked the fact she is a complete twat.

Server Trash Highlights of MeBetterThanYou

  • Obnoxious server trash mod with all the worst personality traits of the stereotype
  • Banned from most sites she has been on
  • Unwarranted superiority complex
  • Worst mod on TRMK

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about MeBetterThanYou you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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Comments about MeBetterThanYou

15:22 Friday, July 19 2013
by RaiDers

Everyone on TRMK hates her... a grown woman who spends all her time flaming... what an idiot

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