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Personal Details

Name - Derek Wyche


Atari was known for being Maverick lite. He was a part of the MKO Xbox Community, the single worst bunch of filth in the MK world.

He possessed pretty much all of the server trash / keyboard warrior traits of a typical piece of Internet scum and he ranked as one of the worst examples of his kind. Below he describes in his own words, some of the things he has done. This was posted back on MKO in the Xbox forum there.

Atari2600 the scrub

Most of those are pretty standard, but actually switching deliberately to a crappier Internet connection, having to put up with slow browsing and downloading just to get an advantage on a shitty, broken computer game? That is really pathetic, even for someone from this community.

Atari doesn't quite do himself justice though with that small list of some of the things he's done. There is plenty more.

Atari got for himself a reputation as being bi-polar. Whether he is or not is not fully known. The chances are, he's just another 2-faced, lying Internet punk using the anonymity of the Internet to adopt several personae. Sadly, for everyone else, all of those personalities were bad. At one point, his contradictory double talk got so bad, the graphic below was used to illustrate his behaviour.

atari2600 bi-polar dickhead

Atari proudly called himself an 'Internet Warrior', just as Maverick did, seemingly too ignorant to realise that it's a derogatory term and not a complimentary one. He would spend most of his time on the boards trying to win imaginary Internet wars. After establishing himself as a cheating, scrubby, 2-faced weirdo on MKO, Atari moved onto MKAC where he really began to show his true colours.

Having lost his user details to get on, the MKAC Admin and JTF worked to get him some new ones. Atari came onto the site, insulted a few people, then went back to MKO where he promptly declared himself banned from MKAC. This was not the case, as his name could be clearly seen in the Members List and one of the other site members, Eazytobeat, actually saw him online.

Humouring his mental problems, Atari was asked to take a screenshot of the ban screen he said he was getting and upload it for all to see. He refused. Of course he couldn't as he wasn't banned.

Attempts were made to talk to him like a reasonable person, but sadly they all failed as of course, like most MKO Xbox scum, reasonableness is not something Atari has very much of. Atari was eventually banned for real from MKAC when it was clear he was a total nutcase.

He stayed on MKO where he and his like-minded friend Maverick spent their time waging imaginary Internet wars against JTF and the MKAC Admin., until Maverick got banned from MKO for about the 4th time. Then the rest of the community gave up on Atari and left him there on MKO to rot. Back on MKAC, many of his own community took turns writing what a total douchebag, weirdo and loser Atari was. It gives you some idea of what a low-life Atari truly is that even the scummiest community in the MK world wanted nothing to do with this guy.

When it opened, Atari would claim to have no desire to join MKC, where JTF, ever the kind and forgiving soul, was prepared to let Atari on if he renounced his keyboard warrior ways and just posted normally. Atari refused and claimed that MKO was his home and that he would never join MKC. This was proven to be just another bit of Atari 2-faced lying as he tried to join MKC under a secret ID but got busted almost immediately.

As a player, Atari was very average. He never troubled any of the known elites and only performed well against weak players. If anyone was lucky enough to get him to actually stay for a whole series, he would inevitably bitch, whine and make excuses when he lost - the man simply could not take his losses.

Atari eventually left the community when his child was born. Given the child's genes, no doubt, we will have Mr. Bi-polar Jnr. talking crap on message boards in 15 years or so and throwing tantrums when he loses, just like his father does.

Server Trash Highlights of Atari2600

  • Banned from MKAC
  • Banned from MKC
  • Ostracised from the community
  • Used a programmable pad
  • Quit and pulled
  • Deliberately switched to a crappier connection to help his online play
  • Bad loser
  • Self proclaimed Internet Warrior
  • Has the reputation as being a 2-faced, lying, bi-polar asshole.

MKST is always a 'site in progress'. If you have any interesting information about Atari2600 you think should be added here, or have spotted any errors that need correcting, then let us know!

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17:51 Sunday, January 18 2015
by ngjnyq

he is fucking garbage

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